All spa packages include the use of our spa area, we recommend arriving an hour prior to your appointment time to enjoy the relaxing warm environment. Couples treatments are available for you to relax and unwind with your partner.

Savoy Re-Charge Experience

Savoy Re-Charge Experience

Allow 1hr plus spa $175,  Couples $350

The perfect re-charge, this timeless spa experience includes a 30 minute Relaxation Massage combined with a 30 minute custom facial. Savoy Re-Charge Experience is inclusive of Spa entry.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

Allow 1.5hrs plus spa $220,  Couples $440

Discover the healing nature of hot stone therapy with a relaxing 60 minute Savoy Balancing Hot Stone Treatment. An Express Soothing customized Facial will complete your treatment. Hot Stone Therapy is inclusive of Spa entry.

Top- to- toe Spa Treatment

Allow 2hrs plus spa $270,  Couples $540

Our top to toe treatment leaves you glowing and invigorated after a complete and indulgent makeover. Your treatment includes a full body scrub and polish using natural plant derived essential oils followed by an express facial. Your treatment is completed with a hand and foot massage. Inclusive of Spa entry.

Savoy Re-Balance Experience

Savoy Re-Balance Experience

Allow 2hrs plus spa $245, Couples $490

Re-balance your senses with our classic Signature treatment offering you a tranquil Savoy Relaxing Massage and a revitalizing Savoy Customized Facial. The Savoy Re-Balance Experience is inclusive of Spa entry.

Nourish-Mint Spa Experience

Allow 2hrs plus spa $255,  Couples $510

Immerse yourself in Avedas luxurious cooling and refreshing pure mint treatment. Indulge in a full body moisturizing scrub combined with a full body relaxation massage. Nourish Mint Spa Experience is inclusive of Spa entry.

King or Queen For A Day Spa Package

Allow 2.5 hours plus spa $305,  Couples $610

Immerse yourself in a full body exfoliation and a soothing massage. Relax with a customised facial and a hand and foot massage
 leaving your whole body feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. King/Queen for a day is inclusive of Spa entry.

Savoy Pure Spa Indulgence​

Savoy Pure Spa Indulgence

Allow 2.5 hrs plus spa $305,  Couples $610

The ultimate Spa pamper, our Pure Spa Indulgence offers unlimited access to our Spa facility before receiving a blissful full body Botanical Therapy Scrub. You will then indulge in a therapeutic full body Relaxation Massage followed by a customised Express Facial. Savoy Pure Spa Indulgence is inclusive of Spa entry.

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